Potatoes - Mids (washed)

Potatoes - Mids (washed)


The mids we supply will already have been washed and scrubbed before being packed. As with all fresh produce though we still recommend that you rinse it before use. Mids are ideal hot or cold with salads - served with butter and parsley. Also great for roasting and baking. Potatoes were cultivated five thousand years ago in what is now Peru. They were introduced to Europe via Spain in the 1550s and arrived in the UK sometime in the 1590s. Somewhat surprisingly, potatoes weren't grown in North America until they were taken by Irish emigrants in 1719. They travelled to Australasia with Captain Cook in 1770. When first introduced to Britain, potatoes were an exotic and expensive food with a reputation as an aphrodisiac! It was more than a century later before they became a firmly established staple food.

nutritional info

Potatoes are a good source of complex carbohydrates, vitamin C and folate. They contain the minerals copper, potassium and manganese and the skin provides dietary fibre.

storing Potatoes - Mids (washed)

In a cool, dark, dry place (not the fridge) away from onions or any strongly flavoured foods.


The Great Field in Braunton, as well as other local North Devon producers. We may also source from other markets in times of high demand.