Apples - Russets (English)

Apples - Russets (English)


Somerset Russet Apples

Apples are in season in the UK from late summer to late Autumn, though available from store or imported via sea and land freight all year round.

The Russet is the definitive English apple from the Victorian era. This is an apple that dares to be different! With its dry and rough-to-the-touch skin, it is said that the Russet has a harmony of flavour and texture – with a good balance between sweetness and sharpness.

The Russet is surprisingly versatile, working well in savoury salads for example, and is an ideal partner for cheese.

nutritional info

"“An apple a day keeps the doctor away""! Apples are a great source of fibre, vitamin C, pectin (which helps the body rid itself of heavy metals) and flavonoids (powerful anti-oxidants, which can help prevent disease). "

storing Apples - Russets (English)

Better to store them somewhere cool and dark than in the fridge, to avoid them losing flavour and becoming “powdery”. Apples absorb other odours, so keep them away from garlic and onions!


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