Oranges - large

Oranges - large


Oranges are not cultivated commercially in the UK. It's perhaps surprising that this sunniest of fruits is at its best during the bleakest of months - during the winter, oranges supplied to the UK from southern Europe (particularly Spain) are high in quality and low in price.Oranges are thought to have their origin in a sour fruit growing wild in the region of South West China and North East India as early as 2,500 BC. For thousands of years these bitter oranges were used mainly for their scent, rather than their eating qualities. The Romans brought the fruit to Europe and later oranges were spread to Spain by the Moorish conquests in the eighth and ninth centuries. Add segments to salads or a jug of Pimms or sangria. Use the zest and juice for baking, sauces or marinades. Use when cooking game, chicken or fish. Squeeze the juice for breakfast.

nutritional info

Healthwise, oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C, but when the flesh or juice is exposed to air the vitamin content depletes fairly rapidly. Folate and hesperidin (a flavonoid with antioxidant properties) are also present.

storing Oranges - large

Keep in a fruit bowl for about 1-2 weeks. They will keep longer in a fridge, but may lose their sweetness.


We source oranges from South-West markets, and we ensure they arrive to the UK via land freight.