Tomatoes - Salad

Tomatoes - Salad


The primary growing season for UK grown tomatoes is between the months of May and will they crop right through until the first frosts of autumn. Though thought of as a vegetable, they are technically a berry. Tomatoes were originally native to South America, though they are now most closely associated with Italian cooking. They grow extremely well in Mediterranean countries. Raw tomatoes taste best at room temperature, so try to leave them to aclimatise for an hour or so after removing from the fridge. You can make a simple tomato salad by drizzling sliced tomatoes with olive oil. You can make a delicious, quick topping for toast, for a light lunch, by slicing the tomatoes in half and cooking them in a little butter, until they soften and the juices flow. Yum!

nutritional info

A fresh tomato is a great source of vitamin C and vitamin A. Tomatoes are also one of the best sources of lycopene, which has cancer-fighting properties. Lycopene is more easily absorbed by the body in a lightly cooked form, so fresh tomato sauces are a great way to eat this. If you prefer raw tomatoes, include a little olive oil in the recipe, which will also help with absoption.

storing Tomatoes - Salad

Store tomatoes in the fridge for up to 5 days. Just remember to take them out about an hour before eating, to enhance the flavour and juiciness.


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