Chives - 100g

Chives - 100g


Its English name, chive, derives from the French word cive, which was derived from cepa, the Latin word for onion.Chives are small, slender, have hollow leaves, and when chopped fine can be used for flavouring salads, stews, soups, scrambled eggs or baken potatoes. Handled like onions, the small oval bulbs multiply rapidly, form clumps, develop abundant foliage 6 to 8 inches high and small round heads of tiny lavender flowers.

nutritional info

Recommended as an internal antiseptic or antibacterial agent and for easing coughs and colds. Fresh chives also help stimulate the appetite and promote digestion.

storing Chives - 100g

The fresh herb can be kept for a short time in plastic bags in the refrigerator, or for a longer period in the freezer, after being blanched quickly in boiling water.


English orchards whenever possible, though will also on occasion use Bristol Markets and EU-derived (land-freight) sources in order to meet times of high demand.