Rosemary - 100g

Rosemary - 100g


"Rosemary leaves are evergreen, 24 cm (0.791.6 in) long and 2-5 mm broad, green above, and white below with dense short woolly hair.Traditionally used as a symbol of remembrance for the dead. In Shakespeare's Hamlet, Ophelia says, ""There's rosemary, that's for remembrance."""

nutritional info

Studies have suggested that carnosic acid, as found in rosemary, may shield the brain from free radicals - thus lowering the risk of strokes and neurodegenerative diseases, like Alzheimer's. Rosemary contains a number of potentially biologically active compounds, including antioxidants such as carnosic acid and rosmarinic acid.Rosemary is extremely high in iron, calcium, and Vitamin B6.

storing Rosemary - 100g

The fresh herb can be kept for a short time in plastic bags in the refrigerator, or for a longer period in the freezer, after being blanched quickly in boiling water.


English orchards whenever possible, though will also on occasion use Bristol Markets and EU-derived (land-freight) sources in order to meet times of high demand.