Brussel sprouts - on the Stalk *Christmas is coming*

Brussel sprouts - on the Stalk *Christmas is coming*


Sprouts on-the-stalk - sold per stalk.  Once home, stand sprout stalk in water and it will last longer, use from the bottom up. In season from November to February.Orginally, Brussels Sprouts were originally cultivated in Belgium (hence the name) from cabbages, before being introduced the UK in the late eighteenth century. Generations of children are still mourning that day!If cooked correctly, Brussels should have a pleasant and nutty flavour. If over-cooked however, they’ll give off their infamous sulphur smell... not a good memory for many!

nutritional info

Cruciferous vegetables - such as sprouts, broccoli and cabbage - are linked with a wide range of health benefits. Brussels are a good source of vitamins A and C, iron, potassium and fibre. Infact, just 6 lightly cooked sprouts contain an adult's recommended daily allowance of vitamin c.

storing Brussel sprouts - on the Stalk *Christmas is coming*

Sprouts should be kept cool at all times and eaten before the leaves discolour or they develop a strong smell. If kept on the stalk, Brussels can be stored up to 10 days in the fridge.


Russel Avery from the Great Field Braunton.  We will also source from other South-West markets in times of high demand.