Corn on cob - Twin Vac Pack

Corn on cob - Twin Vac Pack


The growing season in the UK is short - August to September. Sweetcorn is definitely a summer treat. In-season, it's plentiful and affordable. But it loses its flavour quite quickly, so is best eaten as soon as possible after picking.Corn has been an important foodstuff for thousands of years. It was eaten by Mexican and central American cultures as early as 3,400 B.C. and fuelled the Aztec Empire as well as the Mayan and the Inca civilizations. It is widely thought that the Spanish brought maize back to Europe in the fifteenth century. Sweetcorn gathered popularity in the UK after World War II and is now grown extensively across southern England.If you've got fresh sweetcorn in your veg box, carefully remove the outer husks and the hairs. Wash under cold water. Then either steam for about 5 minutes of boil in a pan with about 1 inch of water and a lid on it. Turn every few minutes. They are delicious with butter and pepper.

nutritional info

Sweetcorn provides useful amounts of vitamins A, B3 (supports metabolism, the nervous and digestive systems) and C. It also contains folic acid and fibre.

storing Corn on cob - Twin Vac Pack

Use as soon as possible after picking as the sweetness disappears quickly. They can be stored in a cool, dark, dry place for a few days. To freeze - once part-cooked (2 minutes), cool and then use a sharp knife to slice off the kernels. Break up with your fingers and freeze.


The Great Field in Braunton, as well as other local North Devon producers. We may also source from other markets in times of high demand.