Seasonal eating

photo of a tractor plowing The Great Fields in Braunton, North Devon

Just a word… Local Farm Box will never dream of patronising its public by ramming home messages on what should and should not be eaten. We assume our customers are an intelligent bunch, and would probably make good eating decisions based on sound and factual information.

To that end, here is a brief introduction on the importance of getting back to seasonal eating.

Can you remember a time when we only bought swedes in winter or enjoyed strawberries when Wimbledon was on? These days you can buy nearly everything at any time of the year, but it comes at a price.

Eating food out of season means it travels further, is stored for longer and doesn't always taste great. Eating seasonal food means that food travels fewer miles, is stored for less time and does not require intensive agriculture.

We also think that strawberries or raspberries from Spain out of the British season are bland, whereas home-grown strawberries in season are delicious. Not only are fruit and vegetables fresher and better for our health when they are produced at the 'right' time of year, but they are also cheaper as well.

photo of a tractor plowing The Great Fields in Braunton, North Devon We think that having foods at only certain times of year is exciting. That’s one of the big appeals of receiving a regular seasonal Local Farm Box – you know the contents of your box are sourced from the local farmers in the area. We eagerly await locally grown asparagus in the spring, celebrate the lettuce varieties grown on the sandy soils of The Great Field in early summer and take pleasure in eating the first apples of the autumn. Wouldn't it be less of a treat if we had Christmas pudding and hot cross buns all year round?

We are realists however, and will source vegetables and fruits that cannot be grown in our region because of growing and climatic conditions. Some of these will be transported by road from other regions of the UK and mainland Europe. Some of the more exotic fruits – like pineapples and bananas - will be shipped to our shores. We want to offer a complete range for our customers.